Bassendean Community Men’s Shed Inc.

The Bassendean Community Men’s Shed Inc is an incorporated body focused on establishing a men’s shed in Bassendean.

The shed was incorporated earlier this year and has members from the Town of Bassendean, the City of Bayswater and the City of Swan.


It is proposed the Bassendean Men’s Shed, once established, will provide a friendly and welcoming environment for men who wish to undertake a variety of projects or enjoy the camaraderie that comes about through sharing experiences. Our goal is to provide a shed where members experienced in the trades/arts and the like can practice their skills by undertaking projects of value to the community and teach others interesting in broadening their interests.

Most importantly, the shed will be designed to provide a place for social interaction; a place where members feel comfortable about talking about the matters of common interest – it might be men’s health issues or whatever. And a place that offers new friendships and a variety of knowledge and experiences. And you do not need to have a hankering to undertake projects to join us. Many sheds around Australia have members who are more interested in participating in a general sense rather than learning any new skill.

What’s Happening Now?

Although the Bassendean Community Men’s Shed has yet to be established, members meet on a weekly basis to hear reports on the progress being made to establish the shed and participate in discussions on matters of interest. In the past twelve months the site visits to other sheds have been arranged along with visits to industrial workplaces of interest. Some guest speakers have also be invited to the meetings.

Meeting Times

Our members meet at 10am each Tuesday at the Bassendean Seniors & Community Centre,  50 Old Perth Road,  BASSENDEAN.

Please feel free to come along and if you like the atmosphere and what we are attempting to do, please join us in our quest for a shed.


By the end of August 2019,  we should be “up and running”   in our NEW shed on the corner of Railway Parade and May Holman Drive, Bassendean

Once we are going, the days of the week we will open, will depend on when members wish to attend.


Your Views

If you have a view about what the shed should provide and are not a member as yet, please come along and join us and make the shed the best it can be, a shed that serves the interests of members and the broader community of Bassendean.

Bassendean Men's Shed members